RES fourth grade teacher, Sarah Rowan, has published an inspirational story that I hope all of you will experience. She writes about the Math & Measurement Fair which prepares students for future educational and career endeavors.

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I offer special thanks to our Science Museum partner, Chuck English, and Ms. Rowan for pursuing excellence and creativity on behalf of our community and children!

Monday’s teacher-lead unConference at Goochland High School was an inspiration to me. I always enjoy our time with Mark Fernandes, and this was no exception. The first hour was a deeper dive into the behaviors associated with greater alignment with the core values and mission of the division. It was a great give-and-take in which teachers shared the stories of the year that illustrated how they had taken the opening convocation message of Getting on Your Dance Floor back in August and put it to work in their lives and the lives of their students.

What was most powerful to me was the presence of teachers who devoted themselves to this important conversation – of their own volition. There was no requirement to attend. It was an open invitation, extended by a colleague (RES teacher, Sarah Rowan) who believed her fellow teachers had wisdom and knowledge to share that would improve our collective work together.

She was right. And it’s teachers like these who are willing to take a risk and sacrifice their time in the interest of reaching for something higher that make such a tremendous difference in Goochland.

I’m thankful to our partner, Mark, for helping us extend our journey toward greater alignment and I’m thankful to members of my leadership team who participated as well. We are all in this together and I’m excited about what the future holds for our great division.

I offer my sincere thanks and admiration for Mr. Newman, Mrs. Scott, Dr. Covington, Mrs. Hartley, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Fowler and the many other high school staff members who contributed to a glowing ceremony to honor our graduating seniors. The event was outstanding, a stellar tribute to the exemplary work our seniors have done throughout their academic and co-curricular careers.

I was especially impressed by the broad display of community support and representation from industry, higher education, and countless community groups who have so generously given their time and resources to help so many seniors make the transition to their next phase so much more smooth.

I look forward to great things from the GHS graduating class of 2013 and I feel privileged to have begun my leadership in Goochland during your senior year!

I want to extend a heartfelt “thank you!” to our selfless parents who donate their time to enhancing the educational experiences of our students. A member of our leadership shared this great picture of parents at Goochland Elementary preparing healthy snack bags for fifth graders about to engage in a morning of testing.

Parent volunteers at GES prepare healthy snacks for SOL testers!

This is a snapshot of the generous partnership we enjoy with our devoted community. On behalf of the GCPS instructional staff, thank you, parents, for caring for our students this morning and making the testing experience the best it can be!




The latest Quarterly Newsletter of the Goochland Extension Office is available now. Please take a look at the wonderful things happening in our county. Specifically in this issue, there are many opportunities for summer camp and workshop experiences – for al ages.

We are honored to continue our partnership with Jocelyn Daily, Goochland Extension Agent, and to promote the inspirational things the county is providing for our community.