We are extremely proud of Jamilah Ganyuma and Vena Flournoy and “Eagle’s Perch City” (7th grade Inventions and Innovations class, 1st semester) for their hard work and dedication in preparing and presenting at the Future City Competition in Baltimore! Presidential award-winning GMS teacher, Anne Moore, took the two to the competition and they are bringing home the “Outstanding First Year Participant” award!  There were seven new teams competing this year, out of 20 teams.


The challenge was to“lead your students through a project-based learning experience, helping them tackle a relevant citywide sustainability issue as they imagine, research, brainstorm, design, and build cities of the future. Along the way, they’ll discover engineering, develop a meaningful relationship with an engineering mentor, become more aware citizens, and build their 21st century skills.”

It took the seven-student team the entire first semester to prepare and they even continued to work diligently after leaving the semester-long class in January; they came in after school, during free periods, and worked during the January snow days.
The two girls were supported by other GMS team members who were unable to attend: Owen Sundstrom (third presenter), Charlie Flammia, Emma Crampton, Reid Dameron, Cullen Parrish.

For more information about the FutureCity program, visit http://futurecity.org/participants/educators.