Samantha Haynes, a GHS freshman and robotics team member, and Logan Monk, a GHS Senior and the student robotics leader, are in Chicago this week attending Rockwell’s 2015 Automation Fair, the largest engineering conference of this type in North America in which over 25,000 engineers will attend from all over the globe. What an incredible opportunity!

GHS robotics team members Logan Monk and Samantha Haynes meet the president of Rockwell international in Chicago.

Congratulations to BES student, Everett Brewer, whose original artwork was chosen by the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts to be displayed as part of the Highlights from the Annual Area Youth Art Month Exhibition.

Everett’s piece, titled “Pumpkin Patch”, will be displayed throughout the fall of 2016 and he will be honored during a special reception at Longwood.

Well done, Everett!

Team Goochland,

We have released our annual school report!  This document is a publication that outlines all of the success in GCPS and all our schools over the past year along with data to support our trajectory of excellence.  We sent one home with every student in our community; however, you can also find the entire report online HERE.

Hello GCPS Families,

We are writing to make you aware of a situation that occurred today.  Through various outlets including social media, many students and families have become concerned that there have been threats of violence at Goochland High School tomorrow. We wanted to be sure our information was verified and  accurate before releasing an official statement to our community.

We are aware of these threats and have been working diligently with law enforcement to determine an appropriate response.  Additionally, as we have been made aware of students that are involved in this incident we have asked our law enforcement partners to contact or visit families of the rumored student(s) this evening if they have not already been in touch with the families.  Whereas our investigation has not led us to believe there are any credible threats, we are handling each students’ situation per our student code of conduct and our law enforcement partners are also considering consequences.

We are treating this situation with utmost seriousness and attention. As an added measure, the Sheriff has agreed to have a deputy on site immediately.  Additionally, we will have the entire shift at the GMS/GHS complex tomorrow along with another unit at GES.

The safety of our students and staff is our absolute top priority. Our law enforcement partners and the GCPS administration believe there is no credible threat at this time; however to ensure the security of the school we will have additional law enforcement presence throughout the day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks!

On Friday, October 23, 2015, the University of Richmond Law Review will host its annual Allen Chair Symposium: School Inequality: Challenges and Solutions.

The Symposium will bring together the nation’s leading education policy scholars to identify the critical inequality issues affecting public schools, and offer ways to address them.

The event begins at 9:00AM on Friday, October 23, 2015 and will take place in the Moot Court Auditorium of the University of Richmond, School of Law. Boxed lunches will be provided, as well as hors d’oeuvres, beer, and wine at the reception. There is no cost to attend, but guests must register as there is limited space available.

Register for the Symposium by clicking: here.


The Data Quality Campaign today announced Goochland County Public Schools (GCPS) is the winner of the 2015 Flashlight Awards for District Data Use. The award recognizes one school district a year for its use of data to answer questions, empower educators, and transparently communicate with parents and the public.

“We are pleased to honor Goochland County Public Schools for creating a culture in which education data are used as a tool to empower parents and educators,” said Aimee Rogstad Guidera, president and CEO of the Data Quality Campaign. “Goochland leaders and teachers are now using data to help make the best decisions possible in the greatest interest of each student.”

Data are much more likely to be used—and to be used well—when they meet the needs of teachers, families, and the community. In light of this, GCPS’s three-tier approach to measuring student progress—student academic growth, social-emotional measures, and school climate—was created in collaboration with parents, school leaders, and the community. The district then crafted an action plan with key benchmarks and a data system to support and report their progress.

GCPS’s roadmap to student data success relied heavily on professional development and data literacy training for school leaders and teachers. District leaders rolled out their data-driven initiative slowly, to give teachers an opportunity to reflect, respond, and ask questions. They also specifically emphasized that data would be used as a “flashlight and not a hammer” to help teachers improve their impact on students success.

“Our culture is one of trust. We’re going to check our egos at the door and use this data to maximize the potential of every student,” said GCPS superintendent Dr. James F. Lane. “It’s a totally different conversation when you can peel away to a deeper level of detail, to help a parent really understand what their child needs to work on, as opposed to that they just need help in general.”

Today, Goochland teachers are better equipped to individualize instruction for students, driving their continued success and resulting in high levels of academic success for students. GCPS is 1 of 22 school divisions—out of the 132 in Virginia—to have had 100 percent of schools reaching full state 2014-15 accreditation.

Teacher assigned schoolwork to be completed at home should never require Internet connectivity.  One of the tremendous benefits of 1:1 student technology (currently iPads in grades 4-7) connected with a division-wide learning management system (Schoology) is that content can be downloaded to student devices so that access is “anytime” and does not require Internet connection.  An additional benefit is that parents can also have access to the same learning materials as their child.

One issue we have seen come up occasionally involves missed classwork versus homework.  There have been instances when a student has missed work that was facilitated in class relying on the Internet connection available within our schools.  In these cases we expect our teachers to work individually with students to ensure makeup and mastery of the missed classwork in a manner that does not require Internet connection at home (i.e. the student may make up the missed work during school hours or the student may be given an alternate assignment that does not require Internet connection to be completed at home).  A major project may also require internet usage, but our teachers give students either time in class or after-school to complete any necessary research.

The digital conversion in schools is a transition (not unlike the transition that took place in education hundreds of years ago when students were provided copies of course textbooks); GCPS will be most successful when we partner with our families along the way.  If something’s not working well for you or your child, please let us know.  The best way to begin this dialogue and problem solving is by connecting directly with your child’s teacher and/or principal.

If you would like more information about how to connect to your child’s schoolwork in Schoology or if your child is being assigned homework that requires the internet, please contact your child’s principal or teacher to share your concerns.