Track Your Child’s Bus with the Viafy App

Are you tired of worrying about when your child’s bus will arrive or whether or not your child has missed the bus?  Last year, we used Ubicabus.  Their name has now changed to Viafy.  With the Viafy Parent App, you can now see exactly where your child’s bus is and receive alerts about when it will arrive.

What is it?

  • A mobile app that tracks your student’s bus in real-time using active GPS
  • A way to receive route information and expected times of your child’s bus arrival
  • An app that can provide optional push notifications to alert you when the bus is nearby

Can someone have access to my child’s route information?

  • You will only have access to route information within 3 miles of your home
  • You will only be able to see your child’s bus route

How to Use:

  1. Call our transportation office at 804-556-5361 to request your login information
  2. Check your email for login credentials and details from Viafy
  3. Download the Viafy -Parent app on your mobile device
  4. Log in & Enjoy!

Please note that you cannot sign up on your own.  To ensure the security of student data, you can only access Viafy by invitation only.

Contact Mrs. Rosa Holman, Supervisor of Transportation at or 804-556-5361 with questions.

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