Goochland Learning Walks

Our learning walks are the next step in our seven-year commitment to the instructional rounds methodology: a model borrowed from the medical profession aimed at better connecting division leadership to the important work taking place in our classrooms every day.  The backdrop for our original efforts in 2012 was Elizabeth City’s book entitled Instructional Rounds in Education.

While our “rounds” approach to date has been designed primarily for division administrators, we are evolving our model to one focused on teachers visiting other teachers.  It seems so common sense, but the reality is the education profession is not naturally conducive to peer-to-peer learning during the vast majority of the instructional year.  Simply, teachers are busy doing great work with students and have little to no time to see their peers in action.  Our learning walks will provide the structure and support necessary to make it possible. 

Each set of “walks” will be followed immediately by a team reflection, which will be facilitated by our instructional coaches.  It’s during this portion of the school visit that team members will have the opportunity to process their own learning, articulate observations and interactions, and learn from one another.  From start to finish, our learning walks will be non-evaluative—their singular objective being to improve teaching and learning in Goochland by providing our teachers with the opportunity to learn from other teachers at work.  

This year’s learning walks will take place per the following:

Wednesday, September 25, 8:30-10:30AM

Host Sites: Byrd Elementary School & Randolph Elementary School

Wednesday, October 23, 8:30-10:30AM

Host Sites: Goochland Elementary School & Goochland Middle School

Wednesday, February 26, 8:30-10:30AM

Host Sites: Randolph Elementary School & Goochland High School

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