Today, the Goochland County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved its 2019-2020 budget, a budget that provides our school division with the personnel, facilities, and resources that will move our school division forward on our journey to maximize the potential of every learner.  The initiatives outlined in this proposed budget align with our strategic plan and are aimed at maintaining our position as a leader in the Commonwealth.

Thank you to all of our school division staff and our School Board who have dedicated many hours to the development and finalization of this year’s budget process.  I also want to sincerely thank the Goochland County Board of Supervisors for their ongoing support, investment, and recognition of the importance of preparing our students for making a positive impact in our ever changing world.

A summary of the highlights of this approved budget follows:

Goal 1:  Prepared for Life through Deeper Learning

  • 1 English teacher at Goochland High School
  • 1 math teacher at Goochland Middle School
  • 1 division-wide mental health counselor
  • Increasing one school counselor contract at Goochland High School from 11 months to 12 months
  • Maintaining administrative intern and assistant athletic director stipends at Goochland High School, Dean of Students stipend at Goochland Middle School, adding a division-wide lead school nurse stipend and senior project advisor stipend at GHS
  • Additional funding for dual enrollment, Advance College Academy, and Maggie Walker tuition
  • Increase funding for instructional materials and supplies at each school
  • Additional funding for Career and Technical Education and Robotics
  • Funding to support students taking online, virtual courses
  • Assistance to provide equitable field trip experiences for all preschool through fifth grade students
  • Summer enrichment camp experiences for students
  • Funding for additional classroom software
  • Initiatives to support students in alternative education settings

Goal 2:  Improved School Climate – Attract and retain quality teachers and staff

This approved budget also included the funding that aligns with the goal of our approved compensation plan (Policy GA-R) to establish the Goochland County Public Schools as the leader in overall compensation among competitive regional school divisions.  This approved funding recognizes the significant contributions that all members of Team Goochland to contribute to the excellence of GCPS!  Through this budget, we we able to complete the third step in a three- year process to revise the salary scales for all job classifications.  Additionally, this budget includes a 3% salary increase for all employees.  In addition to salary improvements, many employees (depending on what plan is chosen) will experience a decrease in out of pocket costs for health insurance.  The final health insurance premiums, approved by our School Board can be found here.

Goal 3 – Safe Schools with Effective Management

  • Increasing staffing in the central office Finance Department
  • Funding for software needed for division-wide operations
  • Additional funding for utilities and the maintenance of facilities

Capital Improvement Plan

The Board of Supervisors also appropriated $1,450,000 for Capital Improvement Projects in 2019-2020.  A half million dollars of this appropriation is a set-aside for future construction of a 650 seat Goochland Elementary School and preschool center planned for construction beginning in 2022.  Funding for the purchase of new school buses and the capital needs of other school facilities was included in the Board’s approval of their 5 year capital planning document.

This approved operational budget and capital improvement plan provides the resources to support our journey toward continued excellence as we ensure that we are providing ALL of our students with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that are so crucial for students to become successful members of a modern global community.  


Goochland County Public Schools continues to distinguish itself as a division dedicated to innovative and engaging teaching and learning, safe and inviting learning spaces, the recruitment and retention of high quality staff, and a variety of instructional and extracurricular programming to involve all students.  Despite our emerging reputation in the Commonwealth and beyond, we refuse to rest as we seek ways to improve in both instruction and operations to meet the needs of our students in the 21st century and accomplish our mission to maximize the potential of every learner.

To continue to improve, the feedback of our community is essential, and we are asking our families and staff members to take a few moments to complete our annual Parent and Community Survey.  All responses are anonymous, and we will use the results of this survey to evaluate and adjust our efforts moving forward.  You can find the survey here.

We are fortunate to have the great community support we have in Goochland County Public Schools, and we appreciate your time and feedback!