The Leader in Overall Compensation – Approved Compensation Plan

This year, the excellence of the Goochland County Public Schools has been recognized by many agencies, including the Virginia Department of Education, the Government Finance Officers Association, and!  We have received multiple recognitions for our academic success, our security initiatives, our strong financial practices, and for meeting the needs of students with disabilities.  We are the home of strong extra-curricular programs and can tout many professional accomplishments by our employees.  Our school division is seen as a leader both inside and outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia in many ways!

These successes are the result of a supportive community, talented students, and dedicated employees who strive daily to inspire and prepare our students to make a positive impact.  This past fall, our school division’s leadership team began the process of developing an overall compensation plan that would continue to position our school division at the top of our competitive market and recognize the many contributions of our talented teammates.  After many months of discussion, this compensation plan was approved by the Goochland County School Board at its meeting on Tuesday February 12.

The highlight of the approved plan is the goal set by the Board to become the leader in overall compensation among competitive regional divisions.  This bold move affirms our school board’s commitment to recognizing the contributions of our employees through a competitive overall compensation plan that includes salary, benefits, and a collegial, collaborative work environment.  The policy also provides clarity to employees on salary placement, movement on the salary scale, salary adjustments, and stipends.

I applaud the Board for their bold leadership and for their commitment to a compensation plan that will allow our division to recruit and hire new teammates, while also retaining our current highly talented employees.  Click here to view the approved Compensation Plan.


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