Insight into a Student’s Experiences at Goochland Middle School

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to take our 360 degree camera to Goochland Middle School to talk with students about their experience.  I had the chance to talk with students in Ms. Gill’s 6th grade math class about order of operations and then with two students who were working on coding as a part of their GRIP (Gifted Research Interest-based Project) project and observed students in Ms. Brooks’ 6th grade English class who were actively engaged in a collaborative competition with their iPads.

I spent some time in physical education classes with our students (I really struggled with my badminton serve) and talking to students in one of our 8th grade Career and Technical Education classes (Manufacturing Systems).  From there, I learned from 7th grade students in Spanish I, Part I who were writing a conversation that they would share with their peers during a later class.  I finished by talking with students in Mr. Neufer’s Eagle Block who gave me some insight into their overall experience with Goochland County Public Schools.  At the end, I asked them to rate their experience.  They all gave GCPS a 4 star or 5 star rating!

As you watch this video, be sure to use your cursor or your fingers (on a mobile device) to look around the classroom.  You will see students using technology in multiple ways to supplement and support their learning experience.  We are proud that we are able to provide every student K-12 with their own device as a tool that will enable them to have a deeper learning experience and engage with content in a more meaningful way.


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