Threat Assessment Training for Parents

As a part of our ongoing and proactive school safety initiatives, students at Goochland Middle School and Goochland High School will be discussing the importance of reporting possible threats to school safety.  Training will be provided as a part of our collaboration with the University of Virginia and the Virginia Youth Violence Project.The intent of these discussions is to emphasize the importance of sharing ANY information that a student feels is threatening and to explain the processes that we have at each school to assess threats once we receive them.  This is an important message for us to share about the prevention of violence and our collective responsibility to keep our schools safe.

Parents have the opportunity to also participate in this training online.  The training lasts approximately 25 minutes.  As a part of the training, you will be asked questions to measure what you know about school safety and what you have learned from the training.  Be assured that all of your responses are anonymous and that no one will know how you answered the questions.

The website for the parent program is  Enter the parent code to begin:  pncwub  

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