American Education Week Letter from Goochland County School Board

This year, during the week of November 13, schools and school divisions across the country will be celebrating American Education Week.  This week gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on what makes us proud to serve our community as members of the Goochland County School Board.  Our school division is recognized for excellence on many fronts: student performance, school safety, engaging instruction, financial management, balanced assessment, technology integration, community partnerships, and a commitment to innovation.  The achievements of our division are grounded in our strategic plan and would not be possible without the contributions of our dedicated employees and supportive community.

American Education Week marks a great opportunity to celebrate our schools, our students, and our team members.  It is also the perfect time to extend a special invitation to our families and community members to join us in our schools and see firsthand what makes our division so strong.

We are steadfastly focused on the quality of every student’s school experience.  We believe it should be engaging, relevant, and personalized.  On any given day in our schools, our talented and dedicated employees are providing students with exceptional academic experiences that are focused on providing them with the content knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve future success.  We have teachers who give countless hours before school, after school, and on Saturdays to provide students with additional instruction to ensure their success.  We have a fine arts program that rivals those of divisions twice our size.  We have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) programs recognized by the state of Virginia as models of school, community, and business collaboration.  

In Goochland, we have teachers who have organized their classrooms around Scrum, an innovative approach used in the business world to facilitate collaboration and engage participants toward the completion of a task.  We have team members who’ve partnered with state and national experts to develop student assessments that move past traditional multiple choice test items to important skills like communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  We have team members and community partners who’ve come together to provide our students with real world learning opportunities like internships, work site apprenticeships, and experiential learning at places like the Goochland Courthouse Green and Second Union Rosenwald School Museum.

We also have a talented and dedicated support staff of team members whose work is often behind-the-scenes, but without their attention to detail and focus on excellence would not allow our school division to shine.  It is the contributions of all of our Team that has allowed us to perform at this high level.  During this week of national attention on education we want to thank everyone who gives of themselves to make Goochland County Public Schools a school division of excellence.

Beth Hardy, Chair, District 4 John Wright, Vice Chair, District 5 Mike Payne, District 1 Kevin Hazzard, District 2 John Lumpkins, District 3


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