Can you believe that our first nine weeks grading period ends today and that we are now a quarter of the way through this school year!  Time flies when we are having fun, and this is certainly true this year as our division has had an exciting first quarter.

Our division continues to excel in every dimension of our work with students every day.  During the last two weeks our school division celebrated the contributions and accomplishments of our food service team as we served locally sourced meals to students for Farm to School Week and recognized our dedicated employees during National School Lunch Week.  These teammates work hard each and every day to provide our students with nutritious and healthy meals that provide the fuel for our students to succeed in their academic endeavors!

Dr. Raley serves lunch to students at Goochland Elementary School


This week, we celebrated the service of our transportation team during National School Bus Safety Week.  Our dedicated transporters ensure that our students are delivered to and from school safely every day with extreme care and caution.  In addition to the exceptional work of our drivers, I want to recognize the work of our transportation department leadership who assisted the Goochland County Fire and Rescue Department during an accident on Interstate 64 this week.  Students from a private school were travelling back from a field trip when one of their drivers experienced a medical emergency, resulting in the bus running off the road.  Our transportation personnel responded to the scene and transported the students who were delivered back to their school safely.  I am very proud of their response and their support of these students during a very stressful time.

Goochland Public Schools mechanic works on school bus in bus garage.


Students in our classrooms continue to be provided with exceptional academic experiences, and I continue to be proud of our hard working students and our dedicated instructional staff!  Each time I am in one of our schools, I am impressed with how our teachers make learning fun while providing students with deep and engaging learning opportunities.  Our scholars who participate in extracurricular activities continue to shine in and out of the classroom!  Our athletic teams are in the midst of successful fall sports seasons, and the students and staff who participated in our fall production at the high school were fantastic!  Little Shop of Horrors was amazing!


Goochland High School performs Little Shop of Horrors


On Tuesday October 10, the steering committee charged with working to develop our school division’s long term facility master plan presented their recommendation to the Goochland County School Board for consideration.  This recommendation was the result of many hours of data analysis, dialogue, and discussion by these volunteers.  I want to thank them again for their engagement and dedication to the process.  On November 28 at 3:30 p.m. the School Board and the Board of Supervisors will conduct a joint work session to discuss this topic further.  This is a public meeting and everyone is welcomed to attend.

This weekend, we celebrate Homecoming at Goochland High School with a football game tonight at 7 p.m. against Randolph Henry and the homecoming dance tomorrow night at 7.  Next week, our high school will be hosting a viewing of the film Chasing the Dragon, and will be having a discussion regarding the dangers of prescription opiods and heroin.  This event starts at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday October 25 and is open to the public.  In early November, students have the opportunity to attend a college preparation seminar sponsored by Partnership for the Future to learn more about the college admission process, financial aid, and budgeting.  This event is free and is open to all high school students.

Please keep in mind that schools will be closed on Monday October 23 for parent conferences and Tuesday October 24 for a professional work day for our staff.  There will be a lot going on in the coming weeks as we will be developing the next three years of our instructional calendars as well as making preparations for next year’s budget.  Stay in touch with all of the excellence taking place in our division by liking our facebook page and following us on twitter (@glndschools) and instagram (@goochlandschools).  Additionally, you can stay up to date with all of the great things happening in our schools through our division leadership blog: and on our division website.  

Have a great Fall weekend!



Dr. Jeremy Raley, Superintendent of Goochland County Public Schools, was joined yesterday by members of the GCPS Executive Leadership team and Mrs. Cyndy Brown, Executive Director of the Goochland Education Foundation, at all Goochland schools to surprise the recipients of the 2nd annual Goochland Education Foundation Strategic Innovation Grants.  These grants total nearly $15,000 dollars, including funding from between $400 and $2700 for 12 separate grants, representing each school in the division.  Goochland Strategic Innovation Grants were awarded based on a rigorous selection process that involved a committee of school, foundation, and community representatives.  2017 grant awards and descriptions can be found at this link.

“We were beyond excited about the response we received this year to our call for faculty and staff to apply”, said Dr. Raley, Superintendent.  “The Goochland Education Foundation worked hard to provide us with even more resources this year to recognize the work that our innovative teachers are doing to plant the seeds for continued deeper learning in every classroom, and we cannot wait to showcase this work at our 2nd annual Strategic Innovation Grant symposium in June”.    Mrs. Cyndy Brown, Goochland Education Foundation Executive Director, is excited to see the grants in action this year.  “I am thrilled with the way the teachers responded to the Goochland Education Foundation’s challenge of ‘taking risks’ in order to reach new heights in innovative educational practices. All of the proposals reflected the GEF’s vision of visionary educational experiences that will help prepare the students for living and working in a fast-changing technological 21st century.”

The Goochland Strategic Innovation Grants will culminate in a professional development symposium in June of 2018, where winners of these grants will come together to share what they learned, collaborate on new ideas focused around deeper learning, and share how their risk-taking can be implemented in regular instructional programming.