Thank You to our Amazing Employees!

As we begin to close another successful year and prepare for the upcoming summer break, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank our amazing employees for the the countless hours of dedicated service that they provide to our students and our community.  Teacher Appreciation Week allows us to pause for a moment and say “thank you” for all of the time, effort, and energy that they put forth to ensure that our students are provided with an exceptional experience every day.  Their sacrifice to their own families and personal time on behalf of our students is noticed and appreciated!  They are truly inspiring our next generation!

Although this week is recognized by the National Education Association (NEA) and national PTA as Teacher Appreciation Week, our school division is successful due to the contributions of each and every one of our employees.  The impact that our school division makes in the lives of students and their families does not happen in isolation.  Collectively, each of us plays a significant role in ensuring that students are provided with first class experiences that will enable them to make a positive impact in our community now and in the future.

We have had a great year together!  During my rookie year as Superintendent, I have had the pleasure of seeing them in action.  During my time riding school buses, serving meals, shadowing and talking to students, and visiting classrooms, I have witnessed the positive relationships they are building with students, their desire to innovate, and the optimism that they share when supporting and encouraging ALL of our students.

It is truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve our community with them as we continually strive to maximize the potential of every one of our scholars.  Together, we have had a very rewarding and successful school year.  The next few weeks will be crazy as we work toward closing the year.  It’s natural that as we work to complete final reports, grades, and other activities, stress levels naturally rise.  During this frenzy, I ask our awesome team to please take a moment to pause and reflect on the positive impact that they are making on your students.  I ask that they do not ever underestimate the difference that they are making in in the lives of our children.  Never forget why we do what we do!

Thank you for making Goochland great!

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