Half way there!

Wow!  The first half of this year has gone by fast!  It has been fast, but it has been successful in many ways.  Our school division continues to shine inside and outside of the classroom and we remain a leader as our students and staff have represented our division in many ways at district, regional, and state events.  Our results have led us to being recognized by Niche as the 8th best school division in the state!  This accomplishment is made possible by the skills and talent of our dedicated workforce who strive every day to maximize the potential of every learner.  In addition, this success is the result of a supportive School Board and community that values excellence.

As we ended our first semester, there has been a lot of amazing work taking place in our schools!  In early December, our students were provided opportunities to write code during activities in classrooms across our division.  Students at Goochland Elementary used Ozobots for their coding experience.  Students at Byrd Elementary School demonstrated their communication skills during their social studies fair.  These scholars conducted research on a history topic of their choosing and shared their knowledge with their classmates and visitors.  Both Goochland Elementary and Randolph Elementary collaborated on conducting a World’s Faire.  These students researched a country and spent time collaborating and sharing information about the culture, climate, food, and other important information with their peers.  We continue to provide our students with opportunities that will prepare them for future success!

Students at Byrd Elementary at the Social Studies Fair

I am proud to have the opportunity to work alongside the talented members of Team Goochland!  All of our employees are working to provide our students with positive experiences in every aspect of our division’s operations.  I witnessed this dedication as I recently rode along on a bus route serving Randolph Elementary Students and served lunch at Goochland Middle School.  Our administrative staff continues to strive for excellence as well.  I had the pleasure of conducting instructional rounds with our principals and instructional staff.  We observed classes together and were able to have engaging, reflective dialogue focused on developing a common understanding of successful teaching practices.

Dr. Raley rides with students from RES

Dr. Raley serves lunch at GMS

We have some impressive students!  Did you know that students at Byrd Elementary School raised over $2,000 to benefit charities in Goochland County?  This announcement was made at their recent winter concert where they celebrated and recognized the contributions of volunteers and public servants in our community.  What a great night for Goochland!  There is nothing like spending an evening listening to music performed by our high school bands and choirs to get you ready for the holiday season.  Thank you to our students and staff for sharing your talents with our community!  Your performances were most impressive!

BES holiday performance donation

Don’t forget to check out our reminders about inclement weather changes at http://goochlandschools.org/2016/11/21/inclement-weather-procedures-2016-2017/, and be ready for winter weather which will likely be on the way soon.  Please continue to stay up to date with our division’s weather closings, delays, and events by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter (@glndschools) and Instagram (@goochlandschools).  Stay current with all of the great things happening in our schools at our division leadership blog at http://leadership.goochlandschools.org.  

Our students and staff have been have been working hard every day inside and outside of our classrooms!  There is no doubt that everyone has earned some need time to rest and take a break from our normal school routines.  As we prepare for some time away from school, I want to thank you for an extremely successful first half of our school year.  I sincerely hope that you and your family have a joyous holiday season!

Jeremy Raley, Superintendent


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