Recognizing the Contributions of our Employees

This week, school divisions across the nation are recognizing the significant contributions of public school employees.  American Education Week provides us, as a school division, with an opportunity to celebrate public education in our own community.  Goochland County Public Schools has A LOT to celebrate!  There are multiple measures that point toward the continuation of our school division’s tradition of academic excellence.  We continue to make progress in the quality and depth of instruction that our school division is providing to our students and we are recognized as a leader in engaging our students with authentic learning experiences!  Many of our staff have been actively involved in professional presentations at the state and national level and have also been published in professional publications.

Goochland is the home of a State Technology Teacher of the Year and State Champions in Volleyball and Tennis!  On a multitude of student performance measures, we outshine our colleagues from across the Commonwealth!  We are also proud of our recognition as an Apple Distinguished Program and the accomplishments of Byrd Elementary as a Distinguished Title I School and Goochland Middle School as a School to Watch!  Our division has also been recognized by the Government Finance Officer Association for excellence in preparing our annual budget.

These successes come as a direct result of the countless hours all of our employees have dedicated to our school division.  Each day, our entire instructional team works together to provide an academic atmosphere where students will be empowered to collaborate with their peers, think critically about content, solve problems, be creative, and communicate with others in a variety of ways.  

Transportation employees are the first face that our children see after they leave their homes and ensure the safe transportation of our children to and from school.  Our custodial and maintenance employees provide a safe, clean, and comfortable place to work and learn.  Food service employees provide the nourishment our students need in order to be ready to learn, while our school nurses meet the varied medical needs of a diverse student body.  School counselors provide the support and direction students need to forge a path toward career readiness.  School-level and central office administrative and support staff provide leadership and take care of many important jobs so teachers can focus on the business of teaching.  

There is no doubt that you are inspiring our students, our next generation, to make a positive impact on the world around them.  I am proud of the work all of you are doing to create globally competent, world-ready students who are the future leaders of our community, our state, our nation, and our world.  The talents and skills you share, as Team Goochland, with our students allow our division to be successful now, and will enable us to be excellent well into the future!  Thank you for making a difference!

Jeremy J. Raley, Superintendent

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