Instructional Rounds, Year 5

The division leadership team has been engaged in instructional rounds for the past four years. This morning marked the beginning of year 5 of “rounds” – and, always, it provided us with a firsthand look at the incredible teaching and learning that happens every single day in our classrooms, libraries, labs, and gymnasiums.

The “rounds” model is one borrowed from the medical field in order to better connect division administrators to the most important work that takes place every day in our division.

Here are a couple moments captured this morning at Goochland Middle School:

Mrs. Susan Duty's Jazz Choir

Mrs. Susan Duty’s Jazz Choir | Wednesday, October 5


Ms. Brooks' 6th grade English class, just returning from their literary Pokemon scavenger hunt throughout the entire school

Ms. Erin Brooks’ 6th grade English class, having just returned from their literary Pokemon scavenger hunt throughout the school

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