White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools

This past summer, the Goochland County Public Schools was invited to attend the Second Annual White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools.  As only 1 of only 22 school divisions from across the nation in attendance, it is clear that Goochland County School is recognized as a leader in providing students with innovative, authentic, and engaging learning experiences geared toward providing our students with the skills and abilities needed to be successful in an ever-changing global economy.  I was proud to represent our school division, our community, and the Commonwealth at this event!

It was a honor be be among talented professionals who are working tirelessly to find ways to meet the ever changing needs of high school students across the country.  During the day’s events, there were interwoven themes that align with our school division’s core value of optimism and the non-negotiable belief that everyone can learn.  I am excited about the possibilities that we will be able to create together for our community’s students as we all work together to maximize the potential of every learner in our division.


Click here for more information and detail to this Summit and its associated events.

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