First Day of School

The start of another school year is just a few hours away!  It is a time of rejuvenation, optimism, and excitement as we will all learn new faces, experience new joys, and tackle new challenges.  All around our community, there is an air of anticipation and excitement for the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead for our students, staff, and parents.  I expect that there are certainly some who are apprehensive about new routines, schedules, friends, and teachers.  There are a multitude of emotions that are swirling amongst us all.

As a school division, we couldn’t be more optimistic about our future!  As a team of professionals working in the best interest of our students, the Goochland County Public Schools has demonstrated that we are leaders in providing students engaging, meaningful, and personalized instructional opportunities.  We are an innovative school division that is committed to maximizing the potential of every learner and, together, we will continue our proud tradition of excellence.

There will be some noticeable changes across our division this year.  In addition to new new leadership at the division level and in our high school, we welcome 35 new teachers to Team Goochland.  A lot of work was done at both Goochland Elementary and Randolph Elementary as we continue to make improvements to our facilities and prepare for an increase in student enrollment.  Our custodial and maintenance teams have done an exceptional job preparing our facilities: classrooms are clean, walls are refreshed, and floors sparkle!  Thank you to these talented professionals for a job well done!

For the past three months, many of our school buses have been absent from our roadways.  As we prepare for the first day of school, there will be an increase in traffic in and around our school campuses.  Please remember to watch out for students standing at bus stops, our school buses and their lights and signs, and pedestrians on our school campuses.

Your children are our top priority and we are committed to working together, at our very best each day, to ensure their experience with us is exceptional.  Ongoing, transparent, two-way communication is critical to our school division’s continued success.  If you do not already do so, please like our facebook page and follow us on twitter (@glndschools) and instagram (@goochlandschools).  Additionally, please stay up to date with all of the great things happening in our schools through our division leadership blog:  I look forward to working together with you to maximize the potential of all of our division’s students!  Let’s have a great year!

Jeremy Raley, Superintendent


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