Dear Goochland Community,

Goochland County Public Schools is a proud and successful school division that has proven itself as a recognized leader in public education by providing students with innovative, engaging, and authentic learning experiences that will allow them to experience a depth of understanding of our instructional content.  

These successes come as a direct result of the countless hours that ALL of our employees have dedicated to our school division.  Each day, our teachers, administrators, instructional assistants, and other instructional staff work together to provide academic opportunities where students are actively engaged in their learning. Transportation employees are the first face that our children see after they leave their homes and ensure the safe transportation of our children to and from school.  Our custodial and maintenance employees provide a safe, clean, and comfortable place to work and learn.  Food service employees provide the nourishment our students need in order to be ready to learn, while our school nurses meet the varied medical needs of a diverse student body.  Counselors provide the support and direction that students need to forge a path toward college and career readiness.  School and division level administrative and support staff provide leadership and take care of many important jobs so that teachers can focus on the business of teaching.

Goochland County Public Schools is focused on inspiring and preparing our students to make a positive impact in an ever changing, competitive global economy.  Our core values of excellence, creativity, courage, honor, and optimism demonstrate our commitment to maximizing the potential of every Goochland County Public School student.  I am excited about joining Team Goochland and am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to serve our community’s students, staff, and citizens.

Our school division is preparing our students for jobs that do not currently exist and to solve problems that have not yet been identified.  Preparing our students for success in emerging jobs and careers in the future economy is a daunting task.  To enable our students to achieve the critical skills they will need in order to be globally competent, world-ready learners, our instructional staff are working this summer preparing innovative learning experiences that will empower students to collaborate with their peers, think critically about content, be creative, and communicate with others in a variety of ways.  As a school division, it is critical that we provide our students with learning experiences that will allow them to be competitive with not only their peers in surrounding school divisions, but also with students around the globe.   

It is an honor and privilege to assume the responsibilities of Superintendent and I believe that transparent, open, and two-way communication is critical to our school division’s ongoing success.  I intend to actively engage our students, staff, citizens, community leaders, and business partners in our work as we journey on a path of continuous and ongoing improvement.  During my first week in Goochland, I have had the pleasure of meeting with and talking to many different employees and citizens.  I look forward to getting to know you, listening to your ideas, and discussing how we can working together to make an investment in our students’ future.  Our community’s school division will continue to shine as we all work together in the best interest of our students!

Jeremy Raley