Each school year, thousands of school districts in over 40 states participate in local and state-level school bus safety poster competitions to select artwork that depicts school bus safety- related themes to encourage safer school transportation for everyone.

Hayley Austin's winning submission!

Hayley Austin’s winning submission!

The 2016 theme was “STOP ON RED”. Goochland County Public Schools had three state winners in this year’s contest. Congratulations to the following Goochland High School students:


Haley Austin

Division V – 1 st  place winner

Betty Abdelgelil

Division V – 2 nd  place winner

Madeleine Muniz

Division V – 3 rd place winner


Much thanks to Ms. Kim Bachmann, GHS Fine Arts teacher, who inspires her students to promote school bus safety through art. Her support in this important safety awareness activity is greatly appreciated

Once again, congratulations to all of our 2016 winners!