Congratulations to the Band Students

I want to send a very special congratulations to Mr. Sykes and the GMS and GHS band students and parents for the work that they did this past weekend. We hosted a very large event here called state band assessment. Over the course of Friday and Saturday 30 bands graced the stage and halls of GHS. There were about 1400 students, plus parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. The students worked tirelessly to make this huge event a huge success. They guided groups, worked concessions, set and reset the stage, assisted judges, worked the sight reading room, monitored the halls, welcomed visitors, supervised the case rooms, went on scuff mark duty, cleaned and helped avert any crisis that may have come up. On top of it all, they performed beautifully with grace and professionalism!

Every judge, director and many parents from visiting schools commented on what wonderful students we have here in our band program!

“Words can’t describe how proud, blessed and humbled I am to be able to call myself their teacher,” remarked Band Director, Jay Sykes. “I just can’t say it enough.”

As far as our stage performance goes…. The 8th grade band received an “excellent” rating. The High school band began their performance at 10:10 on Friday evening and also received an “excellent” rating. Both groups received a 1 (superior) in the area of “sight reading”. The seventh grade band performed at 9:00 Saturday morning and received straight superiors (1) across the board!
“These students really remind me why I teach,” continued Mr. Sykes. “Seeing them work together, pat each other on the back, help each other without reservation and then congratulate other groups really inspires me to be the best that I can be.”
Please congratulate them on being who they are and representing Goochland County with dignity and pride!

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