Recently the James River District and Conference 34 Champion Goochland High School Scholastic Bowl Team (Academic Team) competed in VHSL 2A East Region double-elimination tournament held at Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton VA. Goochland High School finished the day with a 2-2 record earning a 4th place finish in the region; a historical best finish for the team!

Senior Captain Cameron Ford, senior Brandon Myrick, and junior Henry Carscadden led Goochland’s academic efforts on the day.

“Our team competed well all day and we had opportunities in every match until the very last couple questions,” explained coach Barry Smith. “Matches can swing on one or two questions, so there is no room for a letdown.”

Henry Carscaden, Cameron Ford & Brandon Myrick at Regionals.

Henry Carscaden, Cameron Ford & Brandon Myrick at Regionals.

Goochland finished the year with a 20-4 record, another season best for the team. Similar to the Battle of the Brains competition, Scholastic Bowl is a VSHL sanctioned activity that provides an opportunity for students to compete “academically” rather than on the playing field.

“Make no mistake, the competition is tough and stressful,” Smith remarked. “Academics and athletics are similar and you always need your very best competitors to do well. Students that may feel out of place on the playing field, find a home on the academic team. I am so proud of how hard our team has worked these past few years to get to this point. We’ve made the regional tournament 3-years in a row now, improving each year. I give all the credit to the students for accepting the challenge and to every faculty member that pushes our kids to higher levels academic understanding. Our success is the result of a total school effort.”

Congratulations Scholastic Bowl Team!

Keith Jaszinski, Tyler McNeer, Henry Carscaden,  Lilly, & Cameron Ford after the District Finals.

Keith Jaszinski, Tyler McNeer, Henry Carscaden, Lilly Miller, & Cameron Ford after the District Finals.


  • GHS Math teacher Barry Smith
  • GHS World History teacher Brett Derrico

Team Members:

  • Cameron Ford (MVP)
  • Henry Carscadden
  • Brandon Myrick
  • Keith Jandzinski
  • Jonathan Thrasher
  • Tyler McNeer
  • Lilly Miller

Several students auditioned for the district band recently and we’re thrilled to see so many of our students were successful!
From Goochland Middle School:
  • Lauren Joyner Clarinet (15th Chair)
  • Raegan Harrahy Clarinet (9th chair)
  • Bre Goode Flute (12th chair)
  • Jacinda Whalen Flute (6th chair)
  • James Alford French Horn (5th chair)
  • Taylor Teague Trumpet (12th chair)
There were about 120 flutes that auditioned, 100 plus clarinets, 30 some french horns, at least 80 or more trumpets. This puts some perspective at their huge achievement!
From Goochland High School:
  • Nathan Alford
  • Charles Brown

Marine Corps JROTC students recently visited the Quantico National Cemetery, the Presidential helicopter squadron, HMX-1 and the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
Quantico Chow Hall
The second day of the trip took the cadets to the Patuxent River, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD. They visited a helicopter squadron, a tilt-rotor squadron, a Global Hawk squadron and a classified research and development lab. The cadets had the opportunity to “fly” a number of simulators!
HMX-1 Group Pic
The last day the cadets visited the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. They toured the campus and also attended the USNA vs. SMU football game.
MC Museum Foyer copy
The extended time with their instructors, Major Petruzziello and Staff Sergeant Strong, as invaluable as well.

District Chorus auditions were held in November and the District choir event was held at Thomas Dale High School this past weekend, February 12-13,2016.   There were six students representing Goochland this year:
  • Walker Murray – Workshop Chorus made up of 8th-9th graders, directed by Dr. Lynn Adkins.
  • Olivia Bullard, Charles Brown and Tevin Davis – Senior Mixed choir directed by Mr. Dwight Graham
  • Grace Alford and Alyssa Laudato – Women’s Select Choir, directed by Dr Jamie Barlett from the William and Mary Choral Department.
All three groups studied some very challenging pieces and learned so much from their esteemed directors. The closing concert was Saturday evening, also hosted by Thomas Dale HS.  Each year approximately 500 students audition for each of the above select groups, of which 150 students in the district are selected.  Each student is responsible for learning the music prior to district finals on a weekend in February, at which time they participate in two days of rehearsals with the director of their group.  The wealth of information and experience that participants bring back to our high school program is directly responsible for the growth and improvement we have seen in recent years of the GHS choral program.
We are so proud of Mrs. Susan Duty and all the students who have auditioned over the years!

We are extremely proud of Jamilah Ganyuma and Vena Flournoy and “Eagle’s Perch City” (7th grade Inventions and Innovations class, 1st semester) for their hard work and dedication in preparing and presenting at the Future City Competition in Baltimore! Presidential award-winning GMS teacher, Anne Moore, took the two to the competition and they are bringing home the “Outstanding First Year Participant” award!  There were seven new teams competing this year, out of 20 teams.


The challenge was to“lead your students through a project-based learning experience, helping them tackle a relevant citywide sustainability issue as they imagine, research, brainstorm, design, and build cities of the future. Along the way, they’ll discover engineering, develop a meaningful relationship with an engineering mentor, become more aware citizens, and build their 21st century skills.”

It took the seven-student team the entire first semester to prepare and they even continued to work diligently after leaving the semester-long class in January; they came in after school, during free periods, and worked during the January snow days.
The two girls were supported by other GMS team members who were unable to attend: Owen Sundstrom (third presenter), Charlie Flammia, Emma Crampton, Reid Dameron, Cullen Parrish.

For more information about the FutureCity program, visit