2016 GCPS Conundrum Day

The 2016 GCPS annual Conundrum Day event was held Saturday, February 6th in the GHS/GMS secondary complex. Sponsored by Khakis and organized with leadership from the GCPS STEM Advisory Committee, the event was centered around the division’s One District, One Book initiative in which all members of the school community were invited to read The World According to Humphrey together. Humphrey, a Hamster and the book’s main character, needed a home and the Conundrum Day attendees were just the ones to design and build it for him!

Over 44 community and staff members volunteered to mentor the 201 registered students. Their challenge was to design a habitat for Humphrey that contained a door that locked, an exercise wheel and had several rooms for Humphrey to explore. Once completed, students used a battery powered hamster to check their design. If their design did not pass the test, they had to go back and redesign the habitat, rebuild it and then retest!

Adeeb Hamsey, chairman of the STEM advisory committee and Dr. Jody Turner from VCU, also a member of the STEM advisory committee were both integral in the success of the event. Due to the generosity of Khakis, the event was absolutely free to students.
Students used recyclable materials to build their habitats.
A special thanks to Bruce Watson and Lisa Brown, along with many other key stakeholders for creating another thrilling learning opportunity for our students!

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