Congratulations District Band Students

Several students auditioned for the district band recently and we’re thrilled to see so many of our students were successful!
From Goochland Middle School:
  • Lauren Joyner Clarinet (15th Chair)
  • Raegan Harrahy Clarinet (9th chair)
  • Bre Goode Flute (12th chair)
  • Jacinda Whalen Flute (6th chair)
  • James Alford French Horn (5th chair)
  • Taylor Teague Trumpet (12th chair)
There were about 120 flutes that auditioned, 100 plus clarinets, 30 some french horns, at least 80 or more trumpets. This puts some perspective at their huge achievement!
From Goochland High School:
  • Nathan Alford
  • Charles Brown

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