Superintendent Summit at the White House

On November 19, 2014, President Obama invited “over 100 exemplary superintendents to the White House. Selected superintendents were be recognized for their leadership in helping transition their districts to digital learning. The Convening provided opportunities for leaders to share lessons learned with each other and with ED to help disseminate promising approaches across the nation.”  The “Future Ready” Superintendents were there to sign a pledge to bring 99% of classrooms online (a goal Goochland has already met) as part of the “ConnectEd Initiative.”

I was honored to represent Goochland and share my thoughts on how the Federal Government can better support our schools through their current funding sources, such as Title I, Title II, Special Education, etc.  Specifically, my hope in attending the forum was to advocate for more flexibility in the way we utilize our dollars, to reduce the amount of Federally required testing (17 of the 29 SOL Tests are mandated by the Federal Government), and to learn stories from successful school divisions in transitioning our students to a personalized learning environment supported by technology initiatives.

In meeting over 100 amazing superintendents and learning their school division’s stories, we have great ideas about how to further our expansion of 1:1 technology to all of our students and how to “re-imagine” the classroom to a personalized system of education as outlined in our strategic plan.

Six superintendents were selected to attend from Virginia (the five pictured below are Pam Moran from Albemarle, Rosa Atkins from Charlottesville, James Lane from Goochland, Pat Murphy from Arlington, and Amy Griffin from Cumberland – not pictured is Lorraine Lange from Roanoke).

Here is President Obama speaking, I was able to grab a picture from the second row.

Afterwards, they gave us an opportunity to take pictures in the East Wing press conference room.

This is the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.

Security at the event was extremely tight; however, here are a couple service members assigned to the White House.  The gentleman at the piano was entertaining the dignitaries as they entered the White House.

We plan to share more details in a video for students in the near future!  Again, I’m humbled and proud to represent Goochland as an exemplary school division.


  1. Congratulations, Dr. Lane. You must have so many impressions and ideas from your White House visit. It’s nice to have Goochland recognized for good work in education. About the White House…I was particularly struck by the young military man playing the piano. He’ll have stories to tell his grandchildren!

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