From today’s Press Release:

Goochland was one of 22 school divisions of the 132 in Virginia to have 100% of its schools earn full state accreditation.  This compares to 36 such school divisions last year and 87 the year before, during which both years Goochland maintained full accreditation.

“I’m so proud of our results,” said James Lane, Goochland superintendent. “Our school community has worked diligently and focused on the right things. This accreditation validates our focus on maximizing every learner’s potential.”

Goochland is in the top 3 regionally in all core academic areas (reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history) based on overall achievement as measured by the state’s SOL tests in grades 3-12.  For a second consecutive year, Goochland was #1 regionally in writing achievement. The division is especially proud of this recognition.

“Writing is the only one of the state testing areas that requires students to think critically and demonstrate understanding through the development of an original  product, “ explained Stephen Geyer, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. “In this case it’s a piece of writing. All other state assessments are generally multiple-choice in nature.”

Goochland also finished in the top 3 in all areas when compared with the top 10 highest funded school divisions in Virginia (based on per pupil expenditure).  Goochland’s per pupil expenditure ranks the division 57th of 132 in spending in the state.  More specifically, Goochland’s state ranks in achievement and per pupil expenditure are as follows:

 Area: State Rank: Percentage:

  •  Reading 13th Top 9.8%
  •  Writing 7th Top 5.3%
  •  Math 9th Top 6.8%
  •  History 19th Top 14.4%
  •  Science 16th Top 12.1%
  •  Per Pupil Expenditure 57th Top 43.2%

Advance Placement (AP) results are also on the rise at Goochland High School.  Sixty-seven percent of students tested received a score of 3 or higher during the 2013-14 school year.  That’s up from 55% the year before and 33% the year before that.  Goochland’s 67% “AP pass rate” is higher than both the state (65%) and global (61%) “pass rate.”

Finally, Goochland High School’s graduation rate is 95%, far outpacing the state and regional graduation rate, as well as the benchmark for state and federal accreditation.

We are proud of Abbie Allison, former Goochland student who received her diploma in only three years! Abbie is featured in this month’s Richmond Family Magazine in an article that highlight’s three exceptional Richmond teens for their big dreams and even bigger determination.

Goochland’s former Teacher of the Year, Jay Sykes, speaks to her talent and grit in the article.

Abbie, we are watching and proud of the positive impact you continue to have on the world around you!

Dominion Resources and the Library of Virginia have partnered to present Strong Men and Women in Virginia History, an annual program recognizing achievements of African Americans in the Commonwealth.

As part of the associated writing contest, high school students across Virginia are are encouraged to actively participate. The contest provides students with the opportunity to write a creative piece from an essay prompt chosen by Dominion Resources & the Library of Virginia.

Four essayists will be selected to receive an Apple iPad Air.

You may access a larger, printable copy of the writing contest guidelines here.

GCPS families,

We will again be administering the Gallup Student Poll measuring Hope, Engagement and Well-being.

The poll is absolutely anonymous and will be administered during school hours. Over 600,000 students from over 2,000 schools, nationwide, will participate in the survey. The data we receive will not identify any specific students, but will give us a picture of how our students are perceiving their experience with us generally.

View the Student Survey Questions Here.

If you would like to opt your child out of the survey, please contact me directly in writing, either by email or letter, no later than Monday, October 6, 2014.

There is a server connectivity issue with the Point of Sale (POS) computer system at the middle and high school.  This has affected the receipt of electronic payments through the MyPaymentsPlus system for 9/30 and 10/1.  The problem is being resolved as quickly as possible.

In the meantime we are manually scanning over the payment information as it comes in to the nutrition office so that the folks operating the cafeteria registers have accurate and current information regarding student accounts.

It should not have any impact on your child’s experience in the cafeteria. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.