Having focused on student engagement and maximization of individual student academic growth, we are thrilled to report that Goochland was a top performer on last spring’s SOL tests. We were the top scorer in the region on the writing test, and second in reading, math and history – 3rd in science.

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This confirms our belief that a focus on pedagogy and improved relationships with our students with a passion for seeing every learner grow academically is of utmost importance. And scores on achievement tests, such as the SOL’s, will reflect that commitment to excellent instruction.

Great work, GCPS community!

Dear GCPS families,

It is important to us that we build a strong partnership with you. Your support and involvement in our pursuit of the mission of maximizing the potential of every learner is vital to our success.

School nutrition and wellness has a critical impact on student learning. We are committed to providing affordable, healthy meals that will support our teachers and students as they develop strong, engaging instructional experiences together.

One of the ways we make this accessible to parents and students is through our pre-payment plan, which can be used at your child’s school by visiting the school cafeteria with a check or cash or by using www.MyPaymentsPlus.com or our telephone system @ 1-866-572-6091. Payment for meals can be paid in advance so that students can quickly and easily obtain their food without having to charge the meal, giving them more time to enjoy the social time with friends.

When students do not have pre-paid accounts and they forget their meal money, we will feed them without question. The meal will be charged and we will ask that you quickly remit a payment to bring the student’s account back to whole. Several students have already charged meals during the first two weeks and those accounts are already in deficit. If that is the case with your student, please address those charges immediately.

Thank you for your partnership in this important aspect of our students’ school experience. If you have questions or concerns related to our nutrition and wellness program, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Mrs. Landrum.


The Goochland Sherriff’s Office landed a medical helicopter at Goochland High School today, September 2, 2014, to address an accident that happened elsewhere. There was no incident in the schools and no school-related individuals, students or staff, have been involved in an accident.

There is no cause for alarm.

There has been a rumor circulating that an incident of school violence happened in the school today. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s principal with any questions. Again, the helicopter was landed on our campus because of its proximity to help address medical issues from an accident that was completely unrelated to the schools.