What’s up with the Schoology Blogs? Are students required to complete assignments online for homework?

We have gotten several questions about our teacher blogs recently.  See below and please let us know if you have any other questions!
Teacher Blogs
This school year we gave a new option to teachers regarding our blogging initiative. Since 2005, we’ve encouraged our teachers to share classroom news, post homework assignments, and to write about their experiences as educators through the blog format. As we plan for a transition to a new digital learning environment division-wide in grades 3-12, we realized that the process of sharing these types of information would be even easier for teachers and ultimately convenient for our parents using Schoology.
Currently our principals are working with our teachers to ensure that our teacher blog addresses are added toPowerSchool so that parents can still browse teacher blogs – whether they are hosted through our WordPress server or in Schoology. These updates are required for teachers who have moved their blogs or have joined us as new teachers this school year.  We’ve also begun the process of updating each school’s website with the new blog links for teachers.  We have given our veteran teachers the option to choose Schoology or WordPress this year.  For instance, if you are a middle school parent, go to the GMS Teacher Page (http://www.glnd.k12.va.us/index/gms/teachers/), if your teacher has the “W” icon, then this teacher is using WordPress.  If your teacher has the “S” icon, then they are using Schoology.  Both Schoology and WordPress blogs are open to the public.
In October, we will be starting our parent login access to Schoology so that interested parents can see, beyond blogs, individual course updates for teachers trying Schoology this year. We’re excited about bringing even more transparency to our instructional programs.
Online Homework
While our schools have cutting-edge network connectivity to support instruction across all five of our schools, we do realize that broadband access is not a possibility in every home here in Goochland. We have reinforced this notion with our teachers as of late so that no homework going home will require internet access to be successfully completed. We do not want having access to online resources to prevent any student from being successful.

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  1. Just my opinion maybe we should change the hours for one of our librarians. Have one come in a hour later so the school library could stay open (8-5) for students that need the (faster) internet . Having two librarians coming in at 8 and leaving at 4 with the internet being bad in the Western end of the county does not give much time for them kids if they have work to complete or start. That why I’m suggesting the hours change.

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