iPad Deployment Nights

iPad Initiative and Deployment Nights
Our 1:1 pre-deployment nights for parents held at the start of September were designed to let us help families establish Apple ID accounts for use with the iPads. We currently have almost everyone accounted for with an Apple ID for each student. We have been working behind the scenes with Apple to make this process simpler in the future. Since those nights, we have been working with a technical team from Apple on how to expedite app installation during deployment evenings and they will be providing technical staff during deployment evenings to assist us and our families.
Our iPad deployment nights will be:
– Byrd Elementary – October 1
– Goochland Elementary (All grade levels) – October 2
– Goochland Middle – October 16
– Randolph Elementary – October 9
Times and more details will be posted very soon on the division website. This night is imperative for your child’s success with the iPad and includes an education component both for students and for their parent(s). We cannot give your child an iPad unless you attend deployment night. We are excited about the potential this new device will have in helping us this year in providing engaging, deeper learning experiences for students at Goochland Elementary (grades 3-5), Byrd (5th), Randolph (5th), and Goochland Middle Schools (6th).

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