First Graders at Goochland Elementary School gather for a group photo after the presentation of their profits to the Families of the Wounded Fund – 06/06/14

As a result of Mrs. Heather Black, Mrs. Cary Farr, and Ms. Kelley Taylor’s efforts to deliver a developmentally appropriate, real world economics project to their 58 first grade students, the team made a donation of $101 to Marine Sergeant Brandon Hipp from The American Legion Post 215. Sergeant Hipp, in turn, immediately presented the donation to George Nyfeler of the Families of the Wounded Fund.

The American Legion celebrated this noteworthy accomplishment further on their website.

We are thrilled to announce the progress of the board’s construction and renovation projects currently underway at the Specialty Center and High School Field House. Both projects are on schedule and the contractor is working diligently to meet the project deadlines.

Future home of the building trades lab.

The Specialty Center renovation will house expanded Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs while the two wing additions at the Field House will house a weight room and Marine Corps JROTC program facility. The relocation of the weight room will make the production lab in the high school available for CTE use .

Footers being poured for the future weight room addition.

We were delighted to recognize GCPS CTE teacher, Anne Moore, on her recent distinction as Air Force Association Teacher of the Year. During the school board’s regularly scheduled June meeting, representatives spoke on behalf of Anne’s selection and presented her with the award.

We are so fortunate to work with exemplary teachers such as Anne, who bring inspiration and excellence to their work every day!

Keith Shaffer, VP Aerospace Education, Air Force Association (far right) presented Anne with the Teacher of the Year recognition.


This year students at Byrd Elementary School focused on ways to help others by being great citizens both locally and globally. Their art teacher, Mary Beth Flippen, talked to the students about CHaRA. She told them about what CHaRA does in the schools of Unguja Zanzibar. The students at Byrd wanted to help as well! A Spring Farmers Market was held at the school. Classes, students, and families worked to make goods to sell at the market. The goal was to raise money to donate to help schools in Zanzibar through CHaRA. Through the efforts of everyone at Byrd Elementary School, $1,500 was raised! All students in the school voted and it was decided that this money would go to provide a clean water storage tank for a school in Zanzibar.

Thank you to all the students, teachers, and parents of Byrd Elementary for an awesome gift of clean water for Zanzibar Schools!

Mrs. Krystle Demas’ 4th grade class at Goochland Elementary School was recognized for achieving “Top 100″ status nationally within the Pizza Hut Book It! literacy program. As part of the program, Mrs. Demas’ reading class logged their hours spent outside of school engaged in silent reading; their class total placed them among the top 100 classes in the entire country.

A representative from the Book It! program visited Goochland Elementary School last week (pictured below) to present the class with a certificate of recognition and a $50 gift card (which students enjoyed later in the week in the form of a celebration luncheon).

Congratulations to everyone involved!