Small Group Budget Work Sessions

Due to the cancellation of our small group budget work sessions with school board members during the inclement weather on January 21, we have rescheduled mini-sessions throughout the next two weeks.

The Elementary, Gifted, Title I, and Cafeteria/Food Service detailed budget analysis with Mrs. Hardy will occur on February 6 at 3pm in the Goochland Central Office.

The Secondary, CTE, Perkins, and WIA sessions with Mr. Payne along with the Special Education, Student Services, Title VI, Title III, and Transportation sessions with Mr. Lumpkins will occur together on February 6 at 5:15pm in the Goochland Central Office.

The Technology, Testing, Summer School, and Maintenance sessions with Mr. Hazzard along with the Division-wide, Title II, and Administration budget sessions with Mr. Wright will occur together on February 10 at 4:30pm in the Goochland Central Office.

All community members, parents, students, teachers and any school stakeholders are welcome to join these small group sessions for a detailed analysis of our major budget categories as facilitated by principals and school division administrators.  The school board will vote to adopt the FY15 budget for submission to the Board of Supervisors on February 11.

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