I had the opportunity this morning to spend 30 minutes listening to a group of 7th graders discuss yesterday’s election with tremendous confidence, background information, and historical context. Mrs. Creasey designed today’s lesson on the heels of an analysis of state campaign advertisements leading up to the November 5th election.

The exceptionally intelligent and constructive dialogue included such “big picture” topics as ethics, word choice, and literal versus inferential messaging.

Mrs. Creasey’s 7th Grade Civics class engages in a high level discussion about yesterday’s slate of elections across the Commonwealth.

Those who would like to hear more about the Year Round Feasibility Study we are pursuing through a recent grant award are encouraged to tune into NPR this Thursday afternoon, November 7. John Ogle recently interviewed Dr. Lane and Dr. Geyer about the study. The interview will air at 5:30 PM on All Things Considered.

To determine the best way to access the radio program, click here.

We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Goochland for their support of our students and our community in bringing Richmond Symphony experiences to our families.

Through a donation to the Goochland Education Foundation, the Rotary Club of Goochland fully covered the costs for all of our 4th and 5th grade students to attend the Richmond Symphony’s Discovery Series Concert.  Dr. Geyer shared a picture from the experience.  Additionally, the Rotarians also provided funding for a brass quintet from the Richmond Symphony to come to GHS/GMS and teach a master class with our students.  Lastly, the Goochland Education Foundation will be one of the primary organizations receiving funding from the proceeds of the concert.  The funds from the GEF go directly to our students!

Now it is our turn to support the Rotary Club of Goochland!  Each Winter, they bring the full Richmond Symphony to Goochland to perform a concert for our community.  The concert is Sunday, November 17, at 4pm.  Tickets are $20 for adults, and $15 for children.  You can purchase tickets online through the Goochland Rotary Website or purchase them from the GCPS Central Office by contacting me (Dr. Lane) directly by phone or email and I will send them to you ASAP.

It should be an amazing concert, and again, we thank the Rotarians so much for their support of our schools!

In case you need one more reason to come and support the concert…  The Rotary Club of Goochland just announced that they will be giving the school division a limited pool of tickets to offer to music students that cannot afford to attend.  Wow!!



Take a look at this new student feature, published by Zoe Parrish. The elementary iPad initiative continues to amaze the educational community and gather media attention.

Zoe Parrish is allowing students to tell the story through Student EduSLAM!. By hosting a brief educational video on her blog, students will give us regular snapshots of how learning is bring transformed at GES.

Ours is a staff that takes instruction seriously. Accordingly, we know that we have to be able to laugh with our students, allowing the organic humor of life to find its way into our classrooms.

I had the opportunity to visit Ms. Hall’s Spider Maze last week at BES. What an amazing obstacle course she set up, taking such great care to appeal to every student who would come through the gym doors that day. I’m only sorry I hadn’t been there earlier to capture some video of Dr. Geyer actually running the course with the students!

I’m thankful for our caring teachers and staff, who take fun seriously.

The RES staff…


I am thankful to the Richmond Times Dispatch for helping to share the great progress our GES teachers and students are making towards bringing innovative learning to life in our classrooms. The story of our iPad initiative continues to reach the Richmond area and beyond. More importantly, the work being done throughout the school is transforming the face of instruction in Goochland.

Great work Mrs. Tina McCay, Mr. John Hendron, Mrs. Bea Cantor, Ms. Zoe Parrish and the wonderful staff and students of Goochland Elementary School!