We were honored to host Delegate Lee Ware this morning at Goochland Elementary School and Goochland High School, where Dr. Lane, both principals, Dr. Geyer, Mr. Watson and Mr. Hendron introduced him to the instructional innovations at work in the iPad initiative and expanding CTE programs.

A former history teacher of 15 years, Delegate Ware was at home in the classrooms and enjoyed interacting with the students and teachers. A highlight was a stop by Mrs. Demas’ room, where students had each learned and the presented a fact about Delegate Ware’s life.

We are grateful for the visit and proud of the work our students were able to showcase this morning.






Faculty and Staff,

Thank you so much for all of your excellence, creativity, courage, honor, and optimism in the first semester!  This year has honestly been one of my favorite school years as we have watched our students’ creativity and engagement with the iPad initiative, we learned more about our students and their growth with our Balanced Assessment Project, and we are extremely excited to reward our teachers with strategic compensation.  We have also seen many classrooms beginning to proliferate student-centered learning opportunities such as project-based and cross-curricular experiences, performance assessments, and children’s engineering lessons.  All of these while continuing to focus on the heart of what matters, educating every child, every day in Goochland.  With all of these new initiatives, we know you may be ready for the break! Our hope is that we all remain excited for what these opportunities mean for our students.

For these reasons, we are thankful for having you in our school division and are appreciative of your efforts to take on these new projects and would like to give everyone the day off on January 3!  We will not have any trainings on this day.  Principals, we will discuss at our principals’ meeting tomorrow, but please help us arrange at least some time to have buildings open in the event that any teachers want to come in to have their rooms ready before students return.

We will try to host some make-up trainings during planning times or faculty meetings to bolster everyone’s expertise with the new MAP assessments, but we felt like time with your families on January 3 was important as well!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

As many of us prepare to reflect on all that we’re thankful for, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development recently published a timely article by Sarah McKibben, one that ties gratitude – long considered a “soft skill” – with achievement, success, and overall well-being:

McKibben’s Tapping into the Power of Gratitude

GCPS hosted a very successful informational meeting for families last week focused on the new Advance College Academy (ACA) program being developed for Goochland High School students in partnership with J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. The partnership is an example of similar collaborations taking place across the Commonwealth between public high schools and community colleges.

Our resulting ACA program will allow students the opportunity to earn 60 college credits and an associate of science degree concurrently with a high school diploma.

Interested families may find more information at J. Sargeant Reynold’s ACA site, the Goochland High School site, by contacting your child’s school counselor, or by contacting Ms. Raye Rector, Coordinator of Gifted and Federal Programs.

Dr. Miles McCrimmon, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, answers some thoughtful questions at last week’s ACA meeting.

Congratulations to the Byrd Elementary community and Goochland County Free Clinic and Family Services. This week’s Farmer’s Market was a tremendous success and just another testament to the generous nature of the BES staff and community!

Dr. Lane and Dr. Geyer at the BES Farmer’s Market November 19, 2013

Members of the Minority Student Achievement Committee met today with a consultant to take the next step in identifying action steps to improving minority student experiences in our schools. Through an in-depth situation analysis and open dialogue, the group was able to begin crafting some specific items for the division to address in the coming months.

The Virginia School-University Partnership Student Leadership Conference – “Leaving A Legacy” – took place this past week in Charlottesville, and Goochland High School was well represented. Nine of our student leaders spent the day working with peers from across Virginia focused on leadership, honor, and perpetuating kindness.

Mr. Michael Newman, principal, and Ms. Lindsey Dewey, history teacher, share a moment with GHS student leaders.

(left to right) Preston Loveland, Tevin Davis, Chase Doczi, and Cory Alexander