VA Governor Recognizes Dr. Matt Covington

Dr. Matt Covington, GHS Assistant Principal, and Chuck English, Science Museum of Virginia, spoke to legislators, school leaders, and members of the business community Friday evening at the Governor’s STEM Summit and¬†High Schools of the Future Conference in Richmond, VA. The two partnered to deliver a pitch that would communicate a visionary perspective of how high schools could be transformed.

Their idea was awarded the weekend’s “Most Innovative Pitch” recognition by the Governor, himself.

“The citizens of the Commonwealth extend to you their congratulations… for hard work and dedication to making a difference in the lives of future students and educators across the Commonwealth of Virginia.” - Governor Bob McDonnell


“The two day summit focused on the importance of STEM in education and culminated in formulating ideas of the high school of the future,” explained Dr. Covington. ” Our pitch was to use blended learning from a flipped classroom perspective. This vehicle would provide students more opportunities to explore specialized instruction based on their interests rather than standardized curricula.”

Among the attendees were VA State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Patricia Wright, Secretary of Education, Laura Fornash, and GCPS Superintendent, Dr. James Lane.

“We are extremely proud of the work Dr. Covington has done to further the conversation regarding truly transformational high schools in the commonwealth,” said superintendent, James Lane. “Blended learning environments and the delivery of individualized instruction is at the forefront and I’m thrilled to see our school leaders at the table, engaging in this important topic.”

Congratulations to Dr. Covington and many thanks to Mr. English for his continued partnership with our division.