A Focus on Minority Student Achievement

On behalf of the GCPS Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee, I’m delighted to announce an event on October 21 in the JSRCC Goochland Campus Community room at 7pm.  Faculty and staff members from the division will be invited to hear Dr. Tonya Moon from UVa, who will be presenting a detailed report on the research regarding how schools can improve academic achievement for African-American students.

We view this as a pivotal conversation and one we hope will inspire fresh perspectives and ideas to further help our schools address achievement gaps that exist within student populations.



  1. When will GCPS address the minority group of children with learning disabilities. The state only allows “adequate” education. It takes the kids away from the stressors and makes them comfortable, but they are not really receiving the education they need in order to succeed. No Child Left Behind should mean that kids with LDs should get as equal of an education as the kids that don’t have a learning disability. We put so much into our technology, as well as in other areas. When are we going to focus more on the kids that need us the most. Kids with LDs did not chose to be the way they are, but “quality” not “adequate education should be just as much importance as any one else’s.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I want to assure you that we share your passion for ensuring the success of all students. Our newly adopted mission is to maximize the potential of all learners and we are committed to doing so with every student population.

      Please understand that the focus on minority student achievement at the referenced meeting at JSRCC does not indicate a lack of attention to other groups’ progress and experience. It does exemplify the pursuit of our mission in regards to one area of the achievement gap.

      If you would like to discuss your concerns further please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you again for your interest and partnership as we seek to create the very best educational environment for all students.

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