JROTC Comes to Goochland High

I’m thrilled to join GHS principal, Mike Newman, in announcing to our community that the Marine JROTC program will be coming to Goochland High School next year! You may have been following our pursuit of this wonderful opportunity for our students. The application process was involved and extremely competitive and I give credit to Mr. Newman, Mr. DeWeerd, Mr. Watson for leading this tremendous effort and bring our division to top priority through the process.

There will be significant planning that will take place throughout the school year. The program will officially open for students at the start of the 2014-15 school year and will foster a deeper connection with the values that undergird our strategic plan. Students will have a multitude of opportunities to participate in activities that teach discipline, critical thinking and collaboration. There is a unique community service component as well that will enable students to exercise leadership skills and contribute to the improvement of their school and greater communities as well.

Thank you again to Mr. Newman. We look forward to including this exceptional program in our division’s offerings.

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