What’s New With Assessment in Goochland?

GCPS announced a new vision for student assessment in Goochland at the School Board meeting on May 14.  The Balanced Assessment Project report shared how Goochland plans to transition from the SOL focus of the recent past to an educational experience focused on the growth of every child infused with a Project-Based Learning Approach.   In other words, we want to focus on Growth over Achievement.  What this means is that we will make sure that all students are learning at high levels, rather than focusing on making certain that students can pass the SOL test in a single moment.  We believe that our balanced approach to assessment will lead to higher SOL results even if they are not our primary focus.  Overall, we wanted to incorporate the new growth measures while reducing the total number of assessments our students experience.  Please read the report from our task force as I believe their recommendations will put us on the cutting edge of creating the best possible experiences for students.  Dr. Geyer blogged at length about this initiative.  I highly recommend you read his article to fully understand where we are headed with this project.

If you are a staff member, Dr. Geyer is also hosting a session to explain more about the new assessments planned for next year on Wednesday.  See below!

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