Goochland held our annual Kindergarten Registration event on Thursday, April 11.  This date is a region-wide effort to register all upcoming kindergarteners on the same day.  Welcome to our newest students and parents!!  Here are some smiling faces from the day:

The Board of Supervisors will meet tonight (April 16) to vote on their budget, the county capital improvement plan, and the purchase of a new bus garage.  Many of you know that the county and school division has been discussing a new bus garage for many years.

The school board approved a motion to request that the county purchase an existing facility in Oilville to be used as a bus garage by our employees.

The school board’s agenda item regarding the new garage is HERE.

We will update everyone next week if it is approved!  This is certainly an exciting opportunity for our transportation personnel after many years in a facility that needs to be upgraded.

The school board authorized several new policies at their monthly business meeting on April 9.

Dr. Geyer posted about the new 10 point grading scale HERE.  We are excited about this update and believe that along with increased rigor in our programs it will continue to make our Goochland graduates competitive for scholarships, college opportunities, and jobs.

The school board also approved our new calendar.  You can find a copy HERE.  Please note we are also planning to extend the school day at GMS and GHS next year by a total of 10 minutes (5 on the front end and 5 on the back end) to make certain that our “bank days” are reflective of the 140 clock hour requirement for standard units of credit for graduation.  Thank you so much to Dr. Gretz and our calendar committee for their work on this calendar!

Finally, GCPS will now begin accepting non-resident students for enrollment next school year.  The rate of tuition for non-residents will be $3,000 (reduced to $1,000 for children of GCPS and County employees).  The approved policy is located HERE.

At our recent school board meetings we kicked off the first phase in updating our strategic plan.  One of the main components of determining the priorities we should set for our schools is to get your feedback.  For that reason we have created a climate survey to learn more about everyone’s thoughts about our schools.  The surveys are completely anonymous and the data from this year’s survey will not be used to evaluate any of our colleagues.  We hope to use this data to target specific areas of improvement for our entire division.  Please feel free to be honest and exhaustive in your answers.  The first step in maximizing our school division is truly knowing where we are.

Click Here:
Or, copy and paste the following into your browser:
Click the link above to access the survey for parents and community members.  We sent out a separate link specifically for faculty and staff by email.  Principals will be coordinating student surveys for some middle school and all high school students.  You should anticipate that the survey will take 10-15 minutes.
If you are aware of any family that does not have internet access, please let a principal know, as we will keep paper copies in our offices.
Thank you for your time and feedback!  Please submit all responses by May 1.