Final Details on the New Advanced College Academy Leads to Full Tuition Reimbursement for Teachers Earning Master’s Degrees in the Content Area

Previously, I blogged about the new two-year degree programs that will be offered in Goochland HERE.  As a quick reminder, beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, JSRCC (J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College) and GCPS announced that we have formed a partnership to offer students the full 2-year Associates Degree (to be known as the Advanced College Academy) to our students while attending high school.  At our April 23 board meeting, we shared the formal plans and required courses HERE.

As you can see in the linked plans, we will also be able to offer one year’s worth of college coursework through JSRCC in a fully online model.  Additionally, until we are at full implementation of the 2-year degree program, we will continue to offer the CCA (College Connection Academy) to allow students to earn the 1-year Certificate while on campus at JSRCC.

To make these opportunities possible for our students, we will begin encouraging our high school teachers to seek “certification” as JSRCC adjunct instructors.  The best route to earn this qualification is to earn a Master’s Degree in the content area.  As an incentive for teachers that would be interested in earning these advanced credentials, we will begin fully reimbursing coursework in content area Master’s Degrees.  A draft memo about this new reimbursement option that will accompany our 2013-2014 faculty/employee handbook is attached HERE.

If you are interested in this option, please contact Dr. Geyer for more information.

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