Budget Revisions to be Adopted May 14

I presented a budget update to The School Board on April 23 based on the additional $320,000 in funding for faculty/staff raises provided by the county.  To learn more about the additions and reductions proposed in our budget update, please view the full presentation HERE.

Due to a 12.9% increase to health care premiums, the board is also considering some new health care options and we have included sample contributions at the end of the presentation.  Even after some strategic reductions, the current budget proposal for May 14 includes a 7% increase to the employer share of the new premiums, thus some rates for employees are likely to increase.  Please take some time to view the 7% option and let us know if you have any questions.  The School Board will vote on the proposal and any revisions along with the 2013-2014 teacher salary scale and the updated Employer/Employee rates for health care premiums at their business meeting on May 14.

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