New School Security Projects

Earlier this month, Dr. Gretz blogged about the work of our school safety task force.  Following his report, the school board authorized $60,000 to be transferred from the instructional category to the operations and maintenance category of our budget.  We are now forwarding the request to the county leadership for final approval. If approved, we will begin the procurement and installation of the first round of security measures recommended by the task force, including upgrading our exterior cameras at GHS and installing a buzzer-entry system at GMS and GHS.

We want to ensure you that the work of improving safety in our schools will be ongoing and that this funding authorization is only the initial and immediate recommendations of the committee.  We will continue to keep you updated as other recommendations are available and as long as the information, when made public, will not jeopardize the effectiveness of internal safety measures and protocols.

The Goochland Gazette reported on the school board’s approval and discussion here.

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