How Can Non-Residents Enroll in Goochland County Public Schools?

On March 12, the school board approved a policy on 1st reading to allow an expansion of non-resident student enrollment.  All policies must be approved on 2 readings, so the final approval will be considered on April 9.  Currently, only children on non-resident GCPS staff members may enroll in our schools for a rate of $1,000 per year.  The new policy will allow all county employees (not just school board employees) to enroll their children at the same rate as GCPS staff if they are non-residents.  Additionally, any other non-resident may choose to enroll their child at a higher rate to be determined annually by the superintendent ($3,000 is projected for the 2013-2014 school year).  The board’s policy clarifies that non-residents will only be considered for admission if:

  1. The student is in good academic and behavioral standing and remains in good standing throughout enrollment.
  2. There is program and space availability (i.e. if the school, grade-level, or classroom is not over capacity).
  3. The student’s enrollment does not require the hiring of additional staff or the purchase of additional resources.
  4. The non-resident student will not be allowed to enroll in specialized programs, such as the Governor’s schools, ahead of any Goochland resident interested.

We have received numerous requests from families living in areas where Goochland schools are closer to their homes than the schools in their home county.  The final draft of the policy will be available on the school board’s April 9 agenda, when posted during the first week of April (updated since the original post).  The agenda page is located here.

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