Clarification on the 2% Raise Proposal

The following information was shared with employees in an email on February 28:
You may be reading in the newspaper today or hearing in the news that all employees will receive a 2% raise in Goochland.  I actually have great news about this!  Please know that nothing is final yet, so I wanted to clarify where the raise is at this point.
Our County Administrator, Ms. Dickson, presented a budget proposal to the Board of Supervisors on Monday (February 25) that includes an additional $320,000 for GCPS.  This amount is equivalent to the funding that would be needed to give all faculty and staff a 2% pay raise on average (along with the funding provided by the General Assembly/Governor).  The Board of Supervisors has not yet adopted their budget, nor held public hearings, so these funds are not yet official.  Also, the school board will also have to approve the use of these funds in a revised budget.  When asked about the proposal, we thanked the county for proposing this funding.
Also, I would like to let you know that it is my plan to recommend to the school board that all of this funding be used for compensation for faculty and staff, if appropriated.  Please also remember that all of these funds, if approved for salary and compensation, will be above and beyond the 4.66% increase the board approved to finalize phase-in of the new VRS rates for employees hired prior to July 1, 2012.  Employees hired since July 1 will also receive the increased compensation as part of the potential 2%.
I know this is exciting news as it has been so long since our dedicated faculty and staff have seen compensation adjustments.  I promise to keep you updated as our school board and our partners at the county head towards final decisions.  The Board of Supervisors should finalize their budget in mid-April.  The School Board should finalize their budget with any adjustments based on the BOS’ decision by early May.
I would like to openly thank the county administrator for proposing this funding and I continue to feel optimistic that this proposal could remain in the county budget.  Our trust and partnership between the county and the schools continues to grow and I think our children, faculty, and staff will see the benefits.  If approved by both boards in May, please take the time to thank them for considering salary and compensation in GCPS for the first time in many years.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

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