Governor McDonnell invites Elementary School Students from Goochland to Present STEM-H and Children’s Engineering Activities

Thank you so much to all of the teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and students that took their day (President’s Day was a vacation day for students and teachers) to share our STEM learning experiences with the General Assembly and the Governor! ┬áHere are a few pictures from the event.

The Governor took time to meet our Kindergarten and Fourth Grade Students:

Mrs. Rowan and her students show off their projects!

Secretary of Education, Laura Fornash watches along as our students present:

The product of inspiration:


  1. VAST (Virginia Association for Science Teachers) sent out notices that the General Assembly wishes to cut support for science in elementary schools. Does Gov. McDonnell support this? General funds and taxes will be pushed toward transportation instead.

  2. Beth, I am not aware of the Governor’s stance on this; however, please know that GCPS continue to support our science programs, in fact, one of our major budget initiatives was to increase science funding at the secondary level!

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