The Goochland Education Foundation and the Athletic Boosters have received a matching grant opportunity!  An anonymous donor has agreed to match up to $7,000 for donations towards our champions’ rings through April 5!

To donate please contact any member of the athletic boosters for more information or you can contact the Goochland Education Foundation at:

Also, 250 Sports Grill is going to donate 15% of sales on February 25th  and then again in March on the 3rd, 10th and 24th from 4pm to 9pm.

Hello everyone, as soon as we finished the budget process, we also finalized discussion on our capital improvement plan.  Here are excerpts from the transmittal letter we sent to the county after the school board adopted their priorities:

The School Board unanimously approved their Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) priorities during its regularly scheduled meeting on February 12, 2013.  In creating these priorities, we involve our facilities committee, including members of the county staff, and we thank all of them for their time invested in this project.  The priorities that the School Board adopted are:

Need 1 – Address Elementary School needs through either a new school building or the renovation of Goochland Elementary School; however, we would like to continue evaluating the purchase of an existing elementary school (i.e. Rudlin Torah Academy) to meet enrollment capacity needs until debt service capacity allows a new or renovated elementary school.

Need 2 – Address Transportation Facility needs through the most cost effective manner, such as the purchase of the Oilville facility or building a new facility on Bulldog Way.

Need 3 – Address Career and Technical Education programming and capacity needs through an addition (i.e. “wing”) at Goochland High School or the renovation of the Specialty Center.


While these are not necessarily in prioritized order and represent the overall facility needs of the school division, there is a general sense of urgency to address the needs of the central elementary school, currently Goochland Elementary School. The Board believes a new school will be needed in the near future and affirms that the existing facility is in desperate need of renovation and upgrade. The Board understands that we may have to withhold existing CIP funds intended for schools in order to secure a reserve of funds that would be set aside for the purpose of constructing a new school even if it were outside of the typical 5-year CIP window.

Based on the number of recorded and unrecorded lots in Districts 4 and 5, the greatest amount of growth likely in our county will be in the Randolph District.  Our projections indicate that even moderate growth in the number of students at Randolph Elementary School could put Randolph over programmatic capacity in the near future.

The Rudlin Torah Academy facility offers a unique opportunity and the Board would like to continue to explore the possibility of purchasing it. Further estimation of capacity and program use, as well as a thorough analysis of a costs/benefits are necessary. The Board requested that this project be included in the CIP, but not at the expense of new construction.


Another unique opportunity is the purchase of an existing facility in Oilville to serve as a new location for our bus garage and potentially our maintenance team.  As long as the cost of the facility remains significantly below the cost of new construction and the condition of the building can sustain our needs for as much as 15 years, we believe that the Oilville facility will meet our needs and we would support any decision to purchase this facility on our behalf.


Our third needs is based on planned growth in course offerings for Career and Technical Education (CTE) in all schools, but primarily for Middle School and High School students.  CTE programs such as carpentry and building trades, HVAC, etc., require large and safe spaces to operate and we will need to expand beyond what we have at the GMS/GHS complex currently.  We recognize that an addition to GHS is the best option; however, knowing the expense related to a new elementary school, we would not want the expense of the CTE expansion to get in the way of a new elementary school and we believe a renovation of the specialty center could meet our needs if GES was moved out of the specialty center completely, such as to a new facility on Bulldog Way.

We look forward to a partnership of providing safe and quality facilities for our students.

Thank you so much to all of the teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, and students that took their day (President’s Day was a vacation day for students and teachers) to share our STEM learning experiences with the General Assembly and the Governor!  Here are a few pictures from the event.

The Governor took time to meet our Kindergarten and Fourth Grade Students:

Mrs. Rowan and her students show off their projects!

Secretary of Education, Laura Fornash watches along as our students present:

The product of inspiration:

Yes?  No?  Well, it is alive and well in Goochland as an innovation in our Career and Technical Education program at GHS.  3D printing is going to be a huge growth opportunity for the job market  in the future.

If you have never seen 3D printing, this is cool!  Here is a quicktime movie as an example. (I will try to load YouTube later): IMG_0430



Jasmine Coles, a Junior at Goochland High School, was named the student liaison to the School Board by a unanimous vote of the board on February 12.  The Goochland Gazette did an excellent article on her selection and you can access it by clicking HERE.

We are all so proud of Jasmine and are looking forward to her advice from a student perspective as we make decisions with the board.

Congratulations to our Forensics team for an excellent season thus far!  You may remember that our team and teacher are sponsored through the Critical Thinking Funds and anonymous donations provided to the Goochland Education Foundation.  Without your support this amazing program for our students would not be possible.  The students will showcase their talents this Wednesday (see below).

Here is a note from Mr. Burch, our Forensics Team Teacher and Coach:

Please congratulate members of the Forensics Team for their stellar performance at districts last week.

Russell Gambino and Adrian Miller won 1st place for their performance in humorous duo. They will advance to regionals as members of the James River District team.

The following students also placed in their event:

  • Chad Johnson (4th in Prose)

  • Lilly Johnson (3rd in Original Oratory) who will also advance to regionals on the JRD Team!

  • Hannah Wagner (4th in Impromptu)

  • Noelle Ware (5th in Impromptu)

  • Chase Ray (5th in Original Oratory)

Overall, Goochland placed third in the competition. Not too bad for a first year team!

If you are interested in seeing these students perform, next Wednesday, February 13, at 7 PM in the GHS auditorium, the Speech and Debate students will be putting on a forensics showcase for the community.

Thank you for your time!

One of my favorite things about Goochland so far is the phenomenal opportunities that our students have to engage with our community to learn and think in a different way.  Conundrum day was held on Saturday, February 9, as an initiative of the GCPS STEM committee.  All elementary students in Goochland were invited to participate in a children’s engineering project/task based on the children’s story “The Three Little Pigs.”  Students were asked to build a house strong enough to withstand the “Big Bad Wolf’s” wind power (such as high powered fans).

The project brought together over 100 elementary students along with numerous teachers, community members, parents, school board members, school division administrators, college professors, and other staff.  I have never seen a better example of community and parent engagement.  I was also impressed by the eagerness of our students to learn and think in a different way ON A SATURDAY!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and volunteered their time and I hope we can do this on a regular basis!

Dr. Gretz posted on his blog about the event as well, but included a video that captures the spirit of the event with a young lady (a recent success story  from our spelling bee) who explains that the event was “Amazingly Amazing.”

Here are a few pictures of the event:

You can see the excitement!

Our school board members showing their expertise:

At their budget meeting on February 5, the school board adopted their FY 14 budget.  Please visit our budget page to see the final budget document.

The school board will present their adopted budget to the Board of Supervisors on Monday, February 11, at 7pm in the County Administration Building.

You can jump to specific sections of the budget by clicking here:

Goochland High School’s Media Center needs your support! We were notified that we are a finalist for a huge school library prize from Follett.  Following the link will take you to a video that Ms. Deb Cross and Ms. Bea Cantor from Goochland High School produced to highlight the important place the school media center has in supporting learning at their school. By voting for our video, you will inch us closer to the $60,000 grand prize for the best 21st Century library by Follett, a company that provides library services to schools.

Vote for our GHS Video today. Winning means more opportunities for innovation in the GHS Library and Media Center.The link to vote is here:
Please pass this link on to everyone you know!!!